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Education Summit

Faith Coalition for the Common Good, a nonprofit organization of faith congregations, nonprofits and labor union organizations, is addressing the educational disparities in Springfield School District 186. Faith Coalition leaders (parents, students, and citizens from the community) are investigating creative and reasonable solutions to the problems affecting students and their families by developing relationships with school administrators and working together on parent/school communication issues as well as concerns about student truancy and dropout rates. An Education Summit was held on February 25 at Union Baptist Church, 1405 E. Monroe. Community members brought forward a series of recommendations to the Springfield Public Schools. Springfield Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Walter Milton was very responsive to these recommendations and he made a commitment to continue to work with the Faith Coalition to improve parent-school communication and help all students achieve academic success.

The Faith Coalition’s EDUCATION SUMMIT, held on February 25, 2012, was a huge success!

See these sites for local media coverage of the event:

Written By: Shelly Heideman

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