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In School And On-Time: Your Community Cares

Faith Coalition For The Common Good

Supports a Culture of Collaboration

throughout the Springfield Community

1. “In School & On Time: Your Community Cares” is a citywide effort to improve student attendance.

2. What really counts when it comes to graduation? Grades and Attendance. It is never just about attendance but it has to start with attendance.

3. Research on school attendance consistently shows that low absenteeism is correlated with students’ positive school behavior, participation in extracurricular activities, higher grades, and better long term educational outcome (Bureau of Educational Research, University of Illinois).

4. More consistent student attendance allows teachers to have more continuity in their classes, making teaching and learning more effective.

5. Many parents and students do not realize how quickly days missed in school can add up. If a student misses only two days a month, for example, that equals 108 hours of missed class or 18 days a year—10% of the total. Graduation rates are predicted by grades and attendance, and graduation rates in District 186 are currently being reported at 75%. It is our hope that focusing on attendance will ultimately help raise the graduation rate.

6. The School District gets money for every student in attendance, allowing it to do an even better job serving our kids and the community.

7. “In School & On Time: Your Community Cares” will support efforts already underway by the School District. Schools throughout the District regularly collect attendance data required by No Child Left Behind and by the state, with a goal of 95 % attendance. (It varies now from school to school.)

8. This Campaign will rally Springfield citizens, businesses, and organizations to demonstrate their care for our children.

9. Studies demonstrate that when something is looked at closely it often improves because of that attention, so we are asking businesses, organizations, other non-profits, and civic leaders to help build that awareness through a “blitz” of yard signs, buttons, t-shirts, posters, refrigerator magnets, bus sleeves and billboards.

10. These items will visually carry the message that school attendance is expected of students. In turn, community members will have a heightened awareness of the importance of attendance and seek ways to support students.

11. We would like you to partner with us in this campaign. We hope you’ll use your creativity to generate some ideas of your own or to support some of the ideas we’ve had. Perhaps you could provide incentives for attendance or think of specific ways you can use your own resources and boards to help celebrate improvement and success.

12. This campaign is a win-win for everyone. It shows the kids and their families that their community cares about them and it provides a way organizations can join with all the others in town in unity and really make a difference. Peoria was very successful in their campaign & we can be just as successful.

Contact: Shelly Heideman, 544-2297,

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