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National Call-In Day for Immigration Reform April 10, 2013

National Call-In Day for Immigration Reform

April 10, 2013

Please call the following legislators:

Congressman Aaron Schock – 202-225-6201 and 309-671-7027

Congressman Rodney Davis – 202-225-2371 and 217-791-6224

Senator Mark Kirk – 202-224-2854 and 217-492-5089

Senator Richard Durbin – 202-224-2152 and 217-492-4062

Suggested Script

Hello, my name is [your name].

I am a member of Faith Coalition for the Common Good, a Gamaliel affiliate, and I live in Representative Schock/Davis’s district (OR for Senator Kirk/Durbin – I live in Illinois)

I care about commonsense immigration reform because _______________________.

I am calling to urge Representative/Senator _________________________________ to ensure that a just and comprehensive bill is released immediately. The bill must include: [select 1-2 items from the list below]

1. Provide a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented people currently within our borders, with an expedited path for immediate family members of U.S. citizens, DACA students, and individuals with Temporary Protection Status;

2. Emphasize healthy families and communities rather than border security and punishment;

3. Immediately halt deportations and workplace raids;

4. Reunify families and end the Secure Communities program and legal provisions that have led to their separation;

5. Protect civil, labor, and human rights of all immigrants, regardless of legal status;

6. Provide access to social services and due process, regardless of legal status;

7. Expedite a path to citizenship for spouses and children of US citizens and undocumented parents of US-born children

Thank you.

Note: You do not need to ask for a specific individual in the Member office. The Member’s front office is equipped to take your call and forward it to your Senator or Representative. The person you speak with may ask for your contact information. You do not have to provide it, unless you would like a response from the Congressperson about your comments.

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