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Senator Durbin To Meet with Faith Coalition for the Common Good’s African-American & Latino Immigration Reform Leaders on Monday, May 27 at First Lutheran

(Illinois) –On Monday, May 27, 2013, as we honor the fallen during the Memorial Day weekend holiday — leaders, activists and immigrants fighting for a pathway to citizenship –will meet at the First Lutheran Church, 301 W. 4th Street in Beardstown, Illinois, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00, to speak directly with U.S. Senator Dick Durbin about the immigration reform bill. Immigrants from the community will also share their dreams and stories of struggle and heartbreak in their adopted homeland.

“We are grateful that Senator Durbin is taking time during this holiday weekend to listen to the struggles of our immigrant population,” says Sam Komla, President of Beardstown Immigrant Families United, a member of the Faith Coalition for the Common Good. “We are also looking forward to hearing updates about the movement of the immigration bill from the Senate to the House.”

Directly following the meeting with Senator Durbin, there will be a an opportunity for those attending, to participate in a “DREAM FOR ALL” postcard signing campaign, with the goal of 1000 signed postcards which will be presented to Congressman Aaron Schock at a later date. The postcards ask for compassionate immigration reform now.

Faith Coalition for the Common Good is a Gamaliel affiliate. During the month of May, Gamaliel affiliates across the country are holding Sacred Conversations: A Time to Tell Our Stories about Immigration. Many of these conversations are open to the public and the goal is to lift-up the stories of immigrants vying for a clear expedited path to citizenship in the United States.

“While congress dithers and collects paychecks during sequestration, jail and shackles have become our immigration policy, a policy that tears families apart and devastates communities,” says Executive Director Ana Garcia-Ashley. “We must work harder to make immigration reform happen now. People’s lives and dreams are at stake.”

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