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Benefits agreement beacon of light, hope toward high-speed rail

Benefits agreement beacon of light, hope toward high-speed rail

What exactly does the coming of high-speed rail mean for the city of Springfield, especially the east side community?

The uncertainty, fear and concerns that come with change and transition to an impoverished community ignite many questions and emotions. There needs to be a beacon of light and hope, one that gives the community an opportunity to voice its concerns and contribute ideas to the changes that will be seen and heard for generations to come.

I am a member of Faith Coalition for the Common Good. Our mission is to identify common issues of concern in central Illinois, educate the public about these issues and work together for a systematic change. The high-speed rail project is one of the issues we as an organization have taken on to assure the full and fair participation of all affected by the rail project. Our Rail Community Benefits Agreement includes just compensation for property owners living near the tracks; job opportunities for local people, especially people of color, women and low income; workforce development; green space; and safety along the tracks.
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