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School Attendance Push Aimed At City

There’s a push in Springfield to get area students focused on attendance.

Teens might be seeing a blitz of advertising through yard signs, buttons, T-shirts, posters, refrigerator magnets, bus advertisements and billboards. The goal is to show students attendance is expected.

The campaign comes from the Faith Coalition for the Common Good. The “In School & On Time” initiative is aimed at all facets of the city, from parents to businesses, in an effort to convey the importance of getting students to school.

“Research on school attendance consistently shows that low absenteeism is correlated with students’ positive school behavior, participation in extracurricular activities, higher grades and better long-term educational outcomes,” according to literature from the coalition. The campaign cites research from the Bureau of Educational Research at the University of Illinois.

For more information, contact Shelly Heideman, executive director of the Faith Coalition for the Common Good, at 544-2297 or

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