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Ralliers Renew Push for Immigration Reform

A group of immigrant rights supporters is pushing for lawmakers on Capitol Hill to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

Monday, members from the Faith Coalition for the Common Good held a public prayer vigil outside Rep. Aaron Schock’s Springfield office. They want Schock to either co-sponsor the House bipartisan immigration bill, or develop an alternate legislation that would provide a real path to citizenship.

“I am a U.S. citizen,” Christopher Brey, pastor of St. Alexius Church in Beardstown, said. “That’s one of the greatest blessings of this entire world that you can receive. We’re asking that same blessing can be given to the 11 to 13 million people that are here working every day, paying taxes, and struggling like you and I do.”

Immigration talks have fallen by the wayside after the government shutdown, and action on a bill passed by the Senate still sits in the House.

Monday, President Obama made a renewed pitch for immigration reform, calling on lawmakers to restart the effort that stalled over the summer.

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