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Education – Funding Reform – TAKE ACTION

SB16, a bill designed to more fairly distribute state education dollars, is getting increased attention and discussion as it moves forward. Sponsored by Sen. Andy Manar, SB16 proposes a new integrated school funding formula that will ensure state funding more closely follows student need (what state dollars are supposed to do). The bill passed the Senate with bipartisan support in May, but there will likely be amendments made before it comes for a final vote. Because Springfield District 186 is one of those areas that are most harmed under the current formula, SB16 represents a needed, and overdue, change. Click here to let your local legislator know you support greater funding equity and look forward to making change happen this year. Those opposed to SB16 are trying to stop it before the conversation even gets started. Join the responsible chorus of those who support change. Get informed and get involved – Call the FCCG office at 544-2297

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