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Immigration Reform

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Immigration Reform

Issues:  Beardstown, IL (population 6,800) is home to approximately 3,000 Latino and African immigrant people.  They came to Beardstown to work at the Cargill Pork Processing plant where 20,000 hogs are butchered each day.  These families endure discrimination, lack of affordable housing and job opportunities as well as inadequate access to medical care and public transportation.

Response:  Faith Coalition leaders have been working on passing just immigration reform for over 6 years. Leaders will continue to push their elected officials in Congress to make sure immigration reform becomes a reality.  Regarding immigration reform, we want Congress to support an immigration reform bill which will:

  • Provide a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented people living in this country;.
  • Prioritize healthy families and communities, Instead of border security punishment;
  • Halt deportations and workplace raids;
  • Reunify families;
  • Protect civil, labor, and human rights of all immigrants;
  • Provide access to social services and due process for all immigrants;
  • Expedite a path to citizenship for spouses and children of US citizens and undocumented parents of US-born children.

Faith Coalition leaders will continue to work with the current Beardstown mayor to address housing issues and to work with organizations that can provide information and training on accessing medical care and job opportunities.

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