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A Women Empowerment Leadership & Training Taskforce

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"Ntosake" is a South African word is loosely translated to mean "she who walks with lions; she who comes with her own things."

NTOSAKE is a women empowerment leadership and training taskforce created by the women of the National Gamaliel Network. Each local group of women is known as a "Pride". Within the Pride, the women are challenged to accept the responsibility of becoming active change agents and servant leaders within their local communities, and at the state and national levels.

One focus of the FCCG Pride is training to recognize the various power matrices and relationships found within our community, State, nation, and organizations on all levels.

Another training has been "how to organize people and organize money" for the benefit of their community on their local, state and national levels.

If you would like to participate in Ntosake task force, contact Linda Byrd at (217)220-6396 or Shelly Heideman at

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