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Racial Equality and Justice

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The vision of the Faith Coalition is racial and economic justice for all across central Illinois. Every justice issue we address has at it's root some form of racism.


News and Initiatives

Efforts To Rebuild After Springfield’s 1908 Race Riot Still Ongoing

By Rachel Otwell, August 22, 2018

"It's been 110 years since the 1908 Race Riot erupted in Springfield. The violence and its aftermath inspired the founding of the NAACP, the prominent civil rights organization. A number of groups in the city recognized and remembered the violence and lives lost in a series of public events earlier this month. There are also plans to ensure more recognition in the future of a violent period many residents say deserves more attention.Also look for photos on their FB page to illustrate the stories below. A photo or map of the dig site would be great....

"Four years ago, archaeologists set out to see if any remains from the 1908 blaze were under a parking lot that would be affected by construction on a nearby railroad. Brick foundations were found, some from multi-story residences, as were artifacts that paint a picture of what was lost by those who fled—pieces of dishware, a toilet, clothing, and a cross....

"Leroy Jordan and others, including the advocacy group he is with called Faith Coalition for the Common Good, have called for the consecration of those building remains since they were first found."

Read the full story at

1908 Race Riot Archaeological Dig Site

FCCG leaders have been very involved in the Section 106 process and FCCG is one of the "consulting parties" identified by the Federal Rail Administration regarding the rail archaeological dig site for the 1908 race riots on Madison and 10th street.  It has been a very long process (3 or more years) and our leaders attended meetings, met with the FRA in Washington DC and also our local elected officials.

The Faith Coalition's position was to keep the site preserved in place since it was deemed eligible for the National Historic Registry.  However, the powers that be decided that removing archaeological items would be the best form of mitigation.  The historical significance of the site will be lost once items are removed.

February 16, 2016 - Pictured are some of FCCG leaders from a press conference asking President Obama and local, state and federal decision makers to memorialize and preserve the historical site of the 1908 Race Riots.

Sacred Conversations on Race (+ Action)

In 2015-2016 we hosted a series of Sacred Conversations on Race (+ Action), modeled on a program developed by a sister organization in St. Louis in response to the Ferguson events. Sacred Conversations on Race (+ Action) was designed to support congregations as they broach the difficult but necessary conversations centered on racial tensions to lead to better informed and more self-aware leaders.

Race and Power Summit

The Race and Power Summit was held in September 2015 to highlight the work of the issue task forces as it relates to structural racism and poverty.

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